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out of nowhere: RPG

Jan. 28th, 2009 | 09:52 pm

so my roommate hillary bought this electric organ from the thrift store for twenty bucks. sounds like a dying bagpipe's dream. anyway, i'm prepping some potatoes for dinner and hillary's boyfriend is over. this is a hardcore skater dude type who never talks about videogames and who i was pretty sure didn't play them or care about them.

out of nowhere, i hear this damn familiar tune.

i listen for a few more seconds, and muster up the courage to ask: "dude, is that the overworld theme from final fantasy 7?"

he just sort of laughs and nods yes.

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drawing in mspaint

Sep. 30th, 2008 | 10:20 pm

mspaint is actually great for pixel art because it gives you pretty precise control.

anyway drew this and figured people would get a kick so yeah.

i have no power at my house.

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Sep. 3rd, 2008 | 06:23 pm

pro cooking tip recipe:

since i've been eating a lot of black beans too (because they're cheap), i've come up with some delicious recipes.

you'll need:

a tomato
can of black beans
dried red pepper, crushed
kosher salt
black pepper (i use whole peppercorns, which i then grind myself)
flour tortillas
cheese (i used pepperjack myself)
non-fat, plain yogurt (unsweetened, it works like a fucking charm as a sour cream substitute, good for you too)
clove of fresh garlic
some kind of taco or picante sauce
tabasco if you're cool

chop the garlic into fine pieces. lightly oil a large saucepan and get the black beans bubbling within over a medium heat. sprinkle in the ground black pepper, red pepper, salt, and garlic, stirring it in well with the beans. let the beans simmer for a little while, until it has softened and thickened up nicely.

warning: at this time, your kitchen will be filled with the most wonderful smell ever and you might want to commit suicide because you'll know deep down inside you'll never smell something this delicious ever again.

anyway, while this is simmering, dice your tomatoes and lettuce (if you're using the lettuce) and place a bit of cheese on the bottom side of a tortilla. don't know how big those cans of beans in japan are, yet i have enough for two extremely fat burritos from one can. once the beans look satisfyingly mushy, start mashing them up with a firm spatula or spoon or something, in the pan. i usually keep a knife handing to scrape the bits that stick to the spatula back in. no need to get it ultra creamy or anything, just turn it into a psuedo-paste.

scoop up some of this hot delicious paste and put it on the cheese so it'll melt, and sprinkle your lettuce/tomato on top of the beans, with a little bit of the picante sauce, a little bit of the yogurt (i promise it's delicious trust me), and some tabasco (yes). roll it up, and put on a plate with some salad or something.

i can't even eat two of these things without feeling too full, yet i don't eat much these days so maybe i'm not used to big meals.

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dear diary

Jun. 17th, 2008 | 03:32 pm

last night i drank shitty wine and jumped on my couch while playing guitar with a box cutter.

then this girl came over and gave me back my cigarette holder that had apparently been used by my roommates to smoke weed with (!) but i'm glad i got that thing back i feel so at home with it.

then i yelled at this cat for an hour, had a sleep paralysis attack and fell asleep listening to "teen age riot" on repeat~

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hi hi hi

May. 20th, 2008 | 10:57 pm

drinking green tea 2 servings of vegetables pack of menthol smooths sitting on the desk listening to brand nubian

east coast forever

word up

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